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Prices (inclusive of tax) for food and litter (for cats),
except specific food (medical prescription for example)

CATS : 12 euros / day

DOGS : 17 euros / day

OTHER PETS : please contact us


Please note : booking is mandatory - only by phone : 04 68 67 18 65.
At times of festivals and/or holidays you should consider booking in advance.
Deposite (30%) is required to validate any booking (Methods of payment : contact us)

To feed our boarders we trust :

Aliments chiens et chats


More info :

To be allowed in our pension your animal must be up to date with vaccinations and micro-chipped and free of fleas and lice. On its arrival in our establishment, you must provide us with the animal's "health record", its documents of identification and its passport.
These will remain in our possession during the stay of your companion.

A pest-destroying treatment will have to be administered prior to the stay.

The owner certifies that the animal that it puts in boarding is in good health, free from every parasite, identified and up to date with all vaccinations.
Any animals in bad physical condition and/or of an aggressive mind can not be accepted.

The owner must inform us of any possible problems of health, character conditions, and the clean veterinary record of his animal.
Any veterinary treatment required to be administered to the animal has to be accompanied by a prescription / declaration provided by a veterinary surgeon, and we will then ask you to bring sufficient medication to last throughout the stay of your animal.

We commit ourselves making all provisions necessary to the health of the animal which is entrusted to us.
In support of this intention the owner of the animal authorizes us to implement any treatment which would seem to us necessary and essential for the good health of the animal. All expenses incurred for this purpose are the responsibility of the owner (veterinary surgeons, pharmacists...).

The owner, who must be insured for civil liability of his animal, remains responsible for all possible damage caused by his animal during his stay in the boarding excepting serious fault attributable to the kennels. The leaving of the animal in boarding does not constitute a complete and simple transfer of responsibility.

The cost of the boarding includes food. No reduction or rebate will be exceptionally granted when the owner makes a point of providing the food of his animal.

Any stay of unknown duration (e.g. for hospitalization...) will be the subject of a guarantee of an amount equivalent to 7 days of boarding returnable upon the exit of the animal and after complete payment of the boarding fees. In such cases, the owner or a member of his family commits to pay the ongoing expenses of the boarding at least once a month and to keep in regular contact for news of the ongoing condition of the animal.

Any animal not removed from the boarding within 8 days after the end date envisaged, and without prior notification by the owner, will be regarded as abandoned.

Dogs of 1st and 2nd category are accepted in the establishment. The owner will have to then present on the day of the arrival of the dog all obligatory documents relating to these 2 categories.

We accept the "personal effects" (e.g. toys...) of the animal, but decline any responsibility in the event of loss or deterioration.

The boarding does not ensure the grooming of the animals. However, an external service can be called, and any related expenses are the responsibility of the owner. Billing is done based on the number of nights spent in keep.

A reservation can only be guaranteed if it is accompanied by the payment of down payment amounting to 30% of the price of the boarding, which will remain the property of the boarding in the event of cancellation. The balance will become due as normal on the assumption of responsibility.

No animal can be deposited or withdrawn other than during the opening hours, nor on days of closing, nor on public holidays.

As the owner of the animal has entrusted the guard of his animal to us, this indicates his total agreement to the present general conditions.

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