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For many years my love of animals has been related to my daily life:

  • volunteer with the Belgian Blue Cross (national society for the protection of animals)
  • Member of the Belgium association for breeding and raising of Belgian and German shepherd and Boxer dogs.

Living in Belgium I was a statistician working for the E.E.C., when I decided to escape the stresses of city life and administration work choosing a more bucolic existence surrounded by the love of my faithful life companions. Attracted by France, particular the Catalan region in Southern France (culture and Catalan traditions), I took over "la Maison Blanche" to devote my live to the welfare of family pets.

Whilst I have been trained, and hold the necessary diplomas for animal welfare, I always receptive to new ideas, you have never finished learning !

Laurence Lefevre

Technical certificate of the Study of domestic Pets (CETAC)

  • Dogs
  • Cats and Small Family Pets

Various education and training seminars on the welfare of dogs, cats and small pets.